keep calm and keep working

I think it's been quite a while since I just wrote my thoughts or feelings so let's call this a comeback.

Lately I kept myself busy, with or without my will. It's my last year of faculty, my MA degree is just around the corner, so yes, this means a new collection is coming up, I'll give you a teaser soon. Aside being stressed with that, I feel fine (or not). Mentally I'm struggling with the fact that real life is kicking in, I'm officially a grown-up, even though strangers on the street still think I'm 12. It's kind of sad, people start going their own ways, friends are leaving, summer breaks will be just a memory and the main focus now will be just living. But, my friend Andi, has been giving me optimism lessons, so every time the bad stuff happens, I'm trying to see the full side of the glass.

Anyway, I thought of posting a recent painting that I made, it was for a good friend of mine, who helped me in the past, and since then I wanted to make it up to him. It took me quite a while, but I always get things done. I hope he liked it, it was a four piece painting, with a macro wild flower, and a bit of Asian inspired. I'm all about packaging, and I'm sorry I didn't took a picture of the final gift, but it probably only mattered to me.



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