skeleton-skeletoff - illustrations

Because the madness is finally over, I can start breathing again and post more. Here is my MA project, a collection I've been working on for quite some time now. It was definitely a challenge, and I wanted to take it on my own this time, so I can say I learned a thing or two about the creative process. It is slightly different than my BA collection (Carnivale) but still on the dramatic side, since I like to explore with gravity.

The concept is rather simple, I thought about how things get formed, how they take shape and it occurred to me that everything starts with a line or a dot, a note, a word, a pattern, an ingredient, an idea... and that would be the base, the skeleton, onto which we add layers and layers just to get that final desired shape; much like the human body is constructed. So I constructed my shapes on top of, and from, a skeleton. I got inspiration from human and animal anatomy as well, with the structures, the lines, the shapes, and transformed them into a personal, plastic and decorative vision.

I think that would be enough theory for today, I'll let the illustration (for now) to do the speaking. I'll be back with photos soon.

(click on the photos to enlarge)

And some pictures from the project's portfolio:


  1. lovely! and congrats for yesterday:D

  2. Multumesc frumos! Felicitari si tie, foarte faina colectie, mi-a placut.

    Te super pup! :*

  3. Excelent! Felicitari si keep up the good work!


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