street delivery epilogue

I think I'm probably the last one to post pictures from the event, and so you've probably saw the cute little toy I painted on my facebook page. Anyway, I find it harder and harder to write, it became like one of the unchecked boxes with an exclamation mark on my to-do list. I just can't wait to finally finish this awful faculty and start living, I thought I would be scarred of what's to come but now I'm certain it will be better. I had a nervous break-down yesterday because of stress from school, and I don't think my health nor sanity are worth this. But I'll probably explain it better in another post.

Until then, here's my cute little girl, I'm so sad I had to give her away though. I really wish that one day she will return to me. Thank you Cărtureşti and Uman for the invitation and all the support, it was an honour.
Here's Chi 


  1. multumesc si eu! :) faci totul cu mare drag, e foarte si vede :D

  2. Great work.... happy to see that you are still working your skills out. Very cute. Not sure if you remember me from deviantart but I've been seen your work for quite some time.

  3. Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it! :D

    Of course I remember you, I follow your blog so I'm keeping in touch with you silently :P

    I wish you a lovely and creative week!

  4. hello, your toy it's just so beautifuf!! i belive that's the kind of things that make us living (do stuff that make us happy), the heart shaped nose its just amazing.

    one last thing (my english its pretty bad, sorry for that) i understand you so much with all of that nerv-brakedown, im in a middle of that to with my thesis and stuff in school, and its just not worthit... if the soul tells you that.. that is.

  5. Aww, thank you so much! I do believe we put our soul into the things we create and that is what makes us happy. But somethimes, some people just want to steal our sunshine and that's where I put my foot down.

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with you school work, and don't forget to be who you truly are.


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