street delivery epilogue

I think I'm probably the last one to post pictures from the event, and so you've probably saw the cute little toy I painted on my facebook page. Anyway, I find it harder and harder to write, it became like one of the unchecked boxes with an exclamation mark on my to-do list. I just can't wait to finally finish this awful faculty and start living, I thought I would be scarred of what's to come but now I'm certain it will be better. I had a nervous break-down yesterday because of stress from school, and I don't think my health nor sanity are worth this. But I'll probably explain it better in another post.

Until then, here's my cute little girl, I'm so sad I had to give her away though. I really wish that one day she will return to me. Thank you Cărtureşti and Uman for the invitation and all the support, it was an honour.
Here's Chi 

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