the olympic games for superheroes

You might not have known this but the world is finally going to be safe. Uman decided to gather all the superheroes around the world and put them through a bunch of challenges to see who's the strongest. The reward is huge! So get your costume out of the closet, put your boots on and get your superpowers ready because it's time for The Olympic Games for Superheroes

I'll let you in on a little secret, I am my own superhero, I'm the Tiny Super-Creative Monster, I make sure that the world stays colourful and fun. So this time, I used my superpowers to make the poster for the event. Hope you like it.

some details... I used coloured pencils and markers mostly and a little splash of watercolours.

And here's the final poster. You still have time to enter the competition. Sing up and find out more about the event HERE.


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