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And on the handmade side of the story I have some good news: I made some new soft, delicate, elegant and "homey" pillows, which you can now find at Lavly, handmade and more Shop in Timi┼čoara. I'm so glad this came to happen, so much that I'm already preparing a batch of pins and pendants to join the little creatures in the shop. 

Some details of the five pillows I've made for the shop. You can see more pictures in my Shop.

And while I'm on the creative note, I'm thinking of making some new stuff for my own little shop, maybe some earrings, some new colourful monster pins... after all, autumn is right and ready, so jackets and coats must be accessorised.


  1. Foarte dragute. Am povestit despre ele si aici

    1. Hehe, ce draguuut! Am sa scriu despre asta in urmatoarea postare cu features. Mersi mult, ma bucur ca-ti plac!


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