28 May 2012

uman.ro feature

As you may have noticed I'm in a really serious campaign. No, I'm not running for president but I would love to see people wearing my t-shirt design on the streets. 

In this voting spree I got a feature from Uman, they were really supportive so many many thanks!

Anyway, I got a lot of good feedback and support and I'm really thankful for all of it. I sincerely do apologise for the verbal repetition and blockage.

But remember, you can still vote every day up to the 6th of June
So let's make the world more colourful.

24 May 2012

my designs for etnies eco tee

People all over the world,
I need your VOTES to make this planet more fun and colourful.

I submitted 3 designs for the Etnies Eco Tee Competition and I need all of your support to make these tees come to life.

Just CLICK on the PHOTOS below and VOTE!

So let's do it WORLD, let's put these tees where they belong...
Thank you!

22 May 2012

we only party on days that end in y

... only this time it was on a Sunday. Uman's Open Sunday event was more than we ever thought it would be. Perfect weather, tasty apple and mint lemonade, delicious hot-dogs, skates and bikes, hundreds of caps with my little monsters on them, graffiti, drawings, stickers, music... I really felt like I was in one of those 60's American neighbourhood block parties.

Photos by: Uman | Dan Pinzariu | Ioana Alexandra Coman | and mom 

16 May 2012

newest features

It seems I've been collecting these for a while so prepare for a bunch of photos. Honestly, as long as they keep coming I really, really do not have any problem with them, on the contrary, I'm honoured. I'll start off with a major one, a feature and small interview for a Turkish magazine called TASartDErgi; they did a cover on me for some of my colourful creations, I love their entire issue because of the rainbow colour splash.

Click on the picture to read the entire article (p. 136-141) and don't worry, they have an English translation as well.

Click on the pictures for full articles.

Oh, I almost forgot, lately I've been writing articles for Breslog on how to dress or accessorise your outfits in case you run out of ideas. Humble start but I hope I will evolve in my writing and styling skills. I'm open to your comments, feedback and suggestions. You can read all the articles here.

12 May 2012

open sunday at uman

Because of the cold stormy weather announced for tomorrow, the event was postponed for next Sunday. Therefore, all of you who are from or around Timi┼čoara area, or those of you who are just passing by, we'll be cooking something fun and artistic next Sunday (May 20th) at Uman. All three shops will be open, there will be music, a skate contest, sales, free Uman caps, I will paint monsters with you and Jones will teach you the art of graffiti. So you have to come... we got hot-dogs and lemonade.

You can find more details about the event on Facebook.

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