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It seems I've been collecting these for a while so prepare for a bunch of photos. Honestly, as long as they keep coming I really, really do not have any problem with them, on the contrary, I'm honoured. I'll start off with a major one, a feature and small interview for a Turkish magazine called TASartDErgi; they did a cover on me for some of my colourful creations, I love their entire issue because of the rainbow colour splash.

Click on the picture to read the entire article (p. 136-141) and don't worry, they have an English translation as well.

Click on the pictures for full articles.

Oh, I almost forgot, lately I've been writing articles for Breslog on how to dress or accessorise your outfits in case you run out of ideas. Humble start but I hope I will evolve in my writing and styling skills. I'm open to your comments, feedback and suggestions. You can read all the articles here.


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