30 July 2012


I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I'm a real nerd when it comes to space and the Universe, and lately I've seen it as an inspiration for everything, fashion especially. So when rocky pendants and galaxy prints came onto the market, I couldn't break my piggy bank fast enough. But for some, I decided I could make them myself, hence my artistic side. After seeing my "colourful crystals" people started commissioning them, so I had to make a few for my little shop.

Therefore, here are some photographs me and my sister took for the pendants, hope you like them. I have many more ideas on this matter, so get ready for more soon.

You can find the crystal rock pendants on my blog-shop or in my Breslo shop.


25 July 2012

new features

As you may or may not have noticed from the entries in my little shop, I'm very crafty this summer. I just finished working on some new colourful pieces, all edgy and colourful. I'll post some photographs from the short shooting soon, until then though here are some of my latest features.

Thank you for the constant support!

16 July 2012

monster degrees

These were so much fun to make. I'm a big big colours' fan, but this time it was just as good to draw in black and white (with shades of gray). I think all the details, monsters and little creatures just pop out; and if you look closely enough, you just might spot the naughty ones. 

The illustrations were in fact diplomas for some kids who won a contest at Uman Shop, you can see more pictures with them HERE.

02 July 2012

some blog updates

I've been talking earlier on about making a few updates to my blog and so, after many many hours of going through all the posts, I finally managed to get the job done.

Most of the updates were made to the Labels section; now you have more organised and general categories to browse through.

I also made some updates to the pictures and their properties. Some photos were changed completely and I'll tweet about those one at a time so it will be easier for you to know which is which.

When I got to the very beginning of my blog I saw some postes about what I was thinking at the time, I was only 21, and I can't believe how much of my perception about everything has changed in just 4 years. But I'm guessing that can only be good, I am a very big fan of change, where it's neccessary, so I'm thinking that in 2 years time, what I think right now will be very different from what I'll think then.

Anyway, enjoy browsing through my blog's pages, if you have any suggestions, critiques or if you find any misspellings, you must (must, I say) let me know.

Here's a photo from one of the most relaxing and beautiful Sunday of my life.

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