I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I'm a real nerd when it comes to space and the Universe, and lately I've seen it as an inspiration for everything, fashion especially. So when rocky pendants and galaxy prints came onto the market, I couldn't break my piggy bank fast enough. But for some, I decided I could make them myself, hence my artistic side. After seeing my "colourful crystals" people started commissioning them, so I had to make a few for my little shop.

Therefore, here are some photographs me and my sister took for the pendants, hope you like them. I have many more ideas on this matter, so get ready for more soon.

You can find the crystal rock pendants on my blog-shop or in my Breslo shop.



  1. They look awesome! You are brilliant! Some earrings would be so great too! <3


  2. Thank you so much lady!
    Earrings are in the making :D

    Colourful kisses


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