vice romania - article feature

It's "Feature Friday" time, and today it's coming from Vice. You probably know the magazine but they also have a very active website, with loads of articles and stories. I was contacted for a feature article by them and it was an amazing opportunity and honour, like a "level-up" kind of moment.

 sketch for my felty pins

sketch for part of the octopus wall

sketch for the custom toy - chi

The concept was really nice, they look into the artists' sketchbooks and kind of, get in that creative process. And I thought it was different since I haven't really posted my sketches anywhere until just recently. So now you have the chance to see some of my past and present projects from the beginnings.

Here's a short preview, click on the picture to see the entire article and sketch gallery.

So thank you Vice Romania and Sorina for writing the awesome story and for including me in the project!

And you can always find some of my "in progress" photos on my Facebook Page.


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