beers, tattoos, rainbows & rock'n'roll

Hello critters,

Now, today's portrait is very dear to me since it is of two creatures that hold an important place in my heart. This one's for Ina, my sister, and Adi, my new brother(-in law). They've been together for over a decade and I can still see that they are each other's best friend and perfect missing puzzle piece. Now I don't really believe in destiny or soul mates, but I do believe in understanding, compassion, love, knowledge and chemistry, and I have to say I see all these particularities in their relationship.

And this portrait captures them on their wedding day and I can only wish the the most memorable moments, the happiest of days and the healthiest of life. And soon enough, I just might have to paint a new one with their complete family. Thanks for inspiring everyone around you with your awesome relationship!

theme | tattoos, beers, rainbows and rock'n'roll, yellow flowers field
colour | rainbow

I also made their wedding invitations, which were most definitely not typical. You can see the illustration HERE and the finished look HERE.

Ina & Adi's portrait - watercolour on paper | 21 x 14,8 cm


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