plant project - tattoos

All good things come to an end, but I believe that when things end they make room for other things to begin. And the satisfaction I get when I see my finished pieces makes all those hours of working hard and late worth it. And so, here's the final part of the Plant Project, the tattoos and the reason why this all came to be. 

This project was commissioned by my sister in her plans to cover her entire arm with artwork. She had some tattoos done previously, including the watercolour deer and to complete her full-sleeve she thought of making something with a deeper meaning. So each flower, each plant was carefully chosen for people that made a mark in her life. And so this project was quite important for me as well. Also many thanks go out to the talented Attila from Bizzzart Tattoo for transforming my watercolour illustrations into beautiful tattoos. And thank you sis, for the honour!

Artwork: Dushky
Tattoo artist: Attila / Bizzzart Tattoo
Bearer: Ina


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