27 May 2015

little heroes save the day

I don't usually check my art folders in my computer, but when I do, I realise I'm really behind schedule with editing and posting stuff. And so, I've found evidence of a customisation project I've done earlier this year, about the same time I made the bike book (actually they were a two-in-one project). It was done for a cool hair-dresser who also commissioned the batman book a year ago. So this notebook, like the others, will serve as an appointments agenda and also for writing down plans to conquer the world (just kidding). I enjoyed creating kiddish superheroes and honestly I hope can find some time (or drive) to make one for myself one day.

The Superheroes custom book - paint & acrylic markers on eco-leather book covers | 21 x 14,8 cm

| theme: superheroes, hair-styling tools
| colour scheme: super colourful

If you want to see more of my custom-projects click here.

18 May 2015

the stickers - third act

The entire three-part super-skull series of stickers has finally come to an end. They will be missed collected. Although the last round can still be found in Uman's shops around the country or on their website, check it out for more details. I'm stoked for all these years we've been collaborating creatively and for all the wonderful feedback we've received on this. You've seen the illustrations, so here are the final stickers, from the already 10th edition.

Can't wait to start sketching for the new ones, I'm already starting to get ideas. Until next time, here's what we've done so far: the sticker collab journey for Dushky X UmanShop. I'll keep you posted on my facebook page with progress photos.

14 May 2015

monkey skull

Last but not least, the final sticker design for the... uhm... 10th series (oh wow!) of super-stickers, a long-lasting collaboration between myself and Uman Shop. I can't believe we've reached a decade of good team-work and I think this calls for a celebration. Until that time comes, enjoy these sticky creature until the new ones come along, you can check them all out here.

The Monkey Skull sticker design - marker & liner on paper | 21 x 14,8 cm

11 May 2015

ink skull

As I was saying in a previous post, it's that time of the year were you can grab a fresh batch of stickers, part of the Uman X Dushky collab. Skulls are the main theme and reinterpretation is the game; therefore, here's the second design, a tattoo-ish looking skull and probably my favorite from the entire series. No wonder it comes in two sizes. So clear up your phone covers and grab them while you can. Find out how, here.

  The Tattoo Skull - marker & liner on paper | 21 x 14,8 cm

07 May 2015

eat your brains

Ladies and gents, you crazy kids and sticker-bombers, listen up: it's that time of the year where your laptops, notebooks and street corners can be filled up once more. If you're new to this news, a new sticker project is on the way, part of an awesome collaboration that was founded many, many years ago between yours truly and your favourite shop, Uman. We had a good run this year with skull-themed stickers, so here's the final part of that project. I'll start with just one... just to kind of keep the tension.

 The Brain Skull - marker & liner on paper | 21 x 14,8 cm

But you can already grab them in shops with every purchase, or garb a free sticker pack with Uman's Giveaway! Find all the juicy details on their Facebook page.

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