little heroes save the day

I don't usually check my art folders in my computer, but when I do, I realise I'm really behind schedule with editing and posting stuff. And so, I've found evidence of a customisation project I've done earlier this year, about the same time I made the bike book (actually they were a two-in-one project). It was done for a cool hair-dresser who also commissioned the batman book a year ago. So this notebook, like the others, will serve as an appointments agenda and also for writing down plans to conquer the world (just kidding). I enjoyed creating kiddish superheroes and honestly I hope can find some time (or drive) to make one for myself one day.

The Superheroes custom book - paint & acrylic markers on eco-leather book covers | 21 x 14,8 cm

| theme: superheroes, hair-styling tools
| colour scheme: super colourful

If you want to see more of my custom-projects click here.


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