traditional deer - tote bag print design

I've been asked last week to collaborate with some cool people from Accenture in their workshop at Street Delivery. The event is all about bringing all sorts of arts to the street and make that the focus, instead of cars, for a couple of days. I've participated in several editions over the years, with the car-pimping and with the custom toy-chi

Traditional Deer - marker on paper/ AI editing | 29,7x21 cm

This year, the project was to create a design that would represent both mother-nature and the Romanian folklore. So I've created this deer (yes, you know I have a thing for them) made up from leaves, trees and different plants (yes, you know I have a thing for them). The design would then be printed onto these totem bags and people at the event would have a fun or relaxing time colouring them, they they could take them home.

No need to say, the workshop was a success, hundreds of these bags got some colour and people kept asking for more when we ran out of them. So thank you to everyone involved, all the organisations, the nice people from Accenture for bringing me in and the awesome people from these past couple of days who have put some colours on traditions. Here are a few photos from the event:


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