game girls - hearthstone

This illustration is part of a big project I've been working on lately and was super excited to share with you: my Game Girls series for Corphack. I've explained the concept in this previous post, so I'll get right into the story for this first character.

Game Girls - hearthstone - pencil sketch/ watercolour on paper | 42 x 29,7 cm

One of the games from the event was Hearthstone and the character we chose to represent it was the Shaman Thrall. He is a very manly creature, but the orc-girl idea was nothing I invented. Along the way, I had some difficulties on how to incorporate the definitive features onto my Girls' style. Besides the specific costume, I wanted to keep the green skin and the braids, but the fangs were a bit tricky, after moving them around as part of the costume itself, I've finally decided to leave them where they belonged. In the end, she looks pretty fierce and mystical. 


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