31 May 2016

a foxy lady

I've been asked quite a lot lately to help people with their tattoo designs, it's a rather new thing for me and I can't say I don't enjoy it. I love art and I love being challenged with new things all the time. I've designed my sister's tattoos, if you remember the deer and the plant project and some others that you can find here. But today's illustration is a bit different, somewhat more cute and girly, but I've tried integrating my geometric style a bit into it.

A classy fox - tattoo design - watercolour on paper | 16x12 cm

  • theme: fox, alice in wonderland-like stopwatch, champagne, beaded necklace

I can't wait to see and share the final look with this little fox under the skin.

30 May 2016

game girls sketches

If you've been checking out my Instagram or my Feacebook page, you might have noticed I've started posting some first drafts of my latest works that I've entitled The #GameGirls project. This one if for Corphack, an annual gaming competition that's taking place in my hometown and they've asked me to help them with their poster illustration for this year's event.

The idea we've stuck with was mixing my fashionable girls with characters from various video games that they will have for this year's competition. Here are some first sketches for that concept, not the final ones, but just enough to hopefully get you excited. 

Dota2 Girl sketch

I'll hopefully show you some of the sketches that didn't make the cut, because I think those were quite cool as well.

StarCraft Girl sketch

24 May 2016

the race car dad

The thing I love most about this Creatures with Features project is that I never know what I'm going to get. Sure, I don't like hitting that point where I feel like I'm stuck in a routine, but with each new commission I feel like I'm getting something new. I just took a little ride back through the entire collection and it's hard to find two illustrations that look alike, and that's because each new person is different and has its own story, that's what makes this type of art special. 

Today's portrait features the late father of a client who wanted to keep the memory of his dad alive, captured in a moment that he loved best, and he will forever ride on.

The race car driver - custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 21x29,7 cm

  • theme: race car, text
  • colour: red, yellow, white

17 May 2016

floral fox illustration

Another week, new experiments and projects in my creative laboratory and today's "experiment" turned out just right. I'm a fox lover, so when I got a free hand at creating a floral creature (like this skull or this deer), I chose with my heart. The bad part was that the end result wasn't for me and I'm seriously considering to make myself my biggest client, but I'm probably very difficult to work with.

Floral Fox - marker on paper | 29,7x21 cm

13 May 2016

sketches & doodles

These past weeks have been really hectic and you might have noticed this from my lack of on line activity. And since I don't have that much time to write new posts and show you some new projects I've been working on, I thought I'd share some sketches from my colourful sketchbook.

Sometimes, honestly, I wish I had a boring, desk office job, just so I can doodle a lot more. But I'm not complaining, nooo...

09 May 2016

the rainbow wedding invite

I worked some insane hours this weekend to finish up a big project that I can't wait to share with you, but in the meantime I totally forgot to post the second part of the "wedding week". The custom illustration portrrays another cute, happy couple that wanted to announce their big event through all the colours of the rainbow and that's where I came in. 

The Rainbow Couple custom illustration - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

  • theme: rainbow, flower dress, bowtie, Eiffel tower, the world, beads
  • colour: rainbow spectrum

05 May 2016

the great gatsbys

I've done this thing for a while now where I've paired the illustrations from the Creatures with Features project in a week based on a common theme, so let's make this week about weddings. It's funny how I can still find common denominators in separate commissions. 

The Dandy Couple - custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

With this illustration, I have to say I had a blast working on it, because it reminded me of my fashion days in school. Working on fancy costumes, trying to get the fabrics just right. And those small, lacy details on the dress really made my day. I just loved the story behind the portrait, the couple were actors and I think the theme chosen fitted perfectly with that, I also wanted the poses, the colours to be more dramatic, the background more like a curtain on the stage and the boy kind of amazed at the gasping public. The bouquet was the final touch.

  • theme: actors, Gatsby, the 20's, jewels, lion-headed walking stick, toy horse, bouquet
  • colour: butter white, black, burgundy, red, china green, blue and white

03 May 2016

movie nights

Uman Iasi has a partnership with a cinematic event called Serile Filmului Romanesc and for their collaboration they've asked me if I could help them out with a mini-series of promo stickers. I doodled something, drawing inspiration from their logo and kind of playing with it a little. I also wanted to includ Uman's logo in there too and make them a bit cute and playful. 

Social & Label buttons from DryIcons