the great gatsbys

I've done this thing for a while now where I've paired the illustrations from the Creatures with Features project in a week based on a common theme, so let's make this week about weddings. It's funny how I can still find common denominators in separate commissions. 

The Dandy Couple - custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

With this illustration, I have to say I had a blast working on it, because it reminded me of my fashion days in school. Working on fancy costumes, trying to get the fabrics just right. And those small, lacy details on the dress really made my day. I just loved the story behind the portrait, the couple were actors and I think the theme chosen fitted perfectly with that, I also wanted the poses, the colours to be more dramatic, the background more like a curtain on the stage and the boy kind of amazed at the gasping public. The bouquet was the final touch.

  • theme: actors, Gatsby, the 20's, jewels, lion-headed walking stick, toy horse, bouquet
  • colour: butter white, black, burgundy, red, china green, blue and white


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