29 June 2016

game girls - counterstrike

Strike three and we're out, well, not quite, I still have one more to go ut for now I'll talk about the next girl from the Game Girls series I made for Corphack.

The Game Girls project - counterstrike - pencil drawing/ watercolour on paper | 42x29,7 cm

She was inspired by the CounterStrike game and I drew inspiration from its various characters an their costumes and guns and I added some tattoos to make her just a tad more bad ass. In fact, I added this small detail, the tattoos, to all the Girls from this series, the games were so different and so I wanted all four characters to have a common theme. And I've also incorporated each game logo into each girl's tattoos.

... and some work in progress shots

23 June 2016

starry-eyed geometric owl

I had to scroll back a bit through the archives because I was certain I had posted this already. Turns out, I imagine things, which, really, should have not been a surprise, given my job description. Anyways, I've drew this as a design for yet another custom project; I was given two keywords: owls and space, so I played with those a bit.

Starry-eyed Geometric Owl - watercolour & marker on paper 32x24 cm

I liked the turn-out but felt like I could have done some things differently so the illustration verries from the customisation, but I'll share that with you in another post.

21 June 2016

game girls - starcraft

Continuing the series of the GameGirls project, I start off by saying I was super excited to do this character from the second game that was played at Corphack, a little something called StarCraft, you might have heard of it. 

The Game Girls project - starcraft - pencil drawing / watercolour on paper | 42x29,7 cm

Well, the character we chose from this game was Tychus Findlay and I was super happy turning his look into a sexy lady... that might sound weird. But he's super rough and tough, very manly and also has a huge metal exoskeleton armour, so I wanted to portray those characteristics as well as I could. I also wanted all four girls to have different looks, hair-colours and makeup, so for Tychus I chose an orange-coloured hair to kind of contrast the blues from the armour.

16 June 2016

beer labels - ep 1 - the revolution begins

I've never put my print on a product's label before, not that I recall of, and so when the crafty guys from BeretaTm asked me to help them design their first beer's label - 'AI PI IEI - of course I jumped in. They are very talented at what they do and they have a big imagination so when we started working on the concept, they pretty much knew how they would like everything to turn out. I've just taken their ideas and put them on paper, under my style of illustration.

 'AI PI IEI / BeretaTm beer label - marker on paper - 21x29,7 cm

The result also led to another idea of creating comics on the side of the bottles, for each batch and each beer-type they make. So here's a look at the first three scenes from their story, my first take on the comic illustration style and the begining of, I hope, something really awesome. You can find more about the story from the comics on BeretaTm's page.

'AI PI IEI beer label comic strip (first episode) - marker on paper | 29,7x21 cm

13 June 2016

traditional deer tote bag design & street delivery X epilogue

I've been asked last week to collaborate with some cool people from Accenture in their workshop at Street Delivery. The event is all about bringing all sorts of arts to the street and make that the focus, instead of cars, for a couple of days. I've participated in several editions over the years, with the car-pimping and with the custom toy-chi

Traditional Deer - marker on paper/ AI editing | 29,7x21 cm

This year, the project was to create a design that would represent both mother-nature and the Romanian folklore. So I've created this deer (yes, you know I have a thing for them) made up from leaves, trees and different plants (yes, you know I have a thing for them). The design would then be printed onto these totem bags and people at the event would have a fun or relaxing time colouring them, they they could take them home.

No need to say, the workshop was a success, hundreds of these bags got some colour and people kept asking for more when we ran out of them. So thank you to everyone involved, all the organisations, the nice people from Accenture for bringing me in and the awesome people from these past couple of days who have put some colours on traditions. Here are a few photos from the event:

10 June 2016

game girls - hearthstone

This illustration is part of a big project I've been working on lately and was super excited to share with you: my Game Girls series for Corphack. I've explained the concept in this previous post, so I'll get right into the story for this first character.

Game Girls - hearthstone - pencil sketch/ watercolour on paper | 42 x 29,7 cm

One of the games from the event was Hearthstone and the character we chose to represent it was the Shaman Thrall. He is a very manly creature, but the orc-girl idea was nothing I invented. Along the way, I had some difficulties on how to incorporate the definitive features onto my Girls' style. Besides the specific costume, I wanted to keep the green skin and the braids, but the fangs were a bit tricky, after moving them around as part of the costume itself, I've finally decided to leave them where they belonged. In the end, she looks pretty fierce and mystical. 

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