citro - bereta beer label illustration

Since tomorrow is Halloween I though I'd go with the theme and make today's blog post about something a bit more spooky. So I went through my "unposted stuff" folder and found the perfect illustration. I'm talking about the new Citro beer label design for Bereta. A while ago I may have mentioned that we were working on upgrading some of the previous labels for three beers that the Bereta-guys chose to be their core ones. And Citro was one of them. We actually didn't change this one as much as we did the other ones, but we definitely vamped and gored it up. So they wanted the bereta guy actually melting from the citrus sun behind him, so we clearly went all out. The ravens (drawn and sold separately, just kidding) even came for the feast. All in all, I think this is Halloweeny enough, wouldn't you agree?

Citro v2 / beer label mockup
— pen on paper / Ph editing —

illustration by Dushky
coluring and design by Sorin Bechira

Oh, and here's the first Citro label (Click Here) if you feel the itch to compare. I know I did. A lot.


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