window licker

Going back in time for the moment, with the projects I was in, besides my collection. I didn't have time to tell the stories but I guess there's nothing wrong with living a bit in the past.

I was, and still am, collaborating with a local skate shop, called Uman, they also organised the competitions in which I painted on monster shoes. As a result... many projects. One of them was the custom counter I painted for their shop in Cluj. It took around 15 hours in total and I used street art for reference and my humble imagination. I also incorporated some of the shoes & clothing labels the shop is working with. I used simple coloured permanent markers, you can find those anywhere. If you want to fill in the shapes, then I suggest acrylics or tempera colours because markers leave this shade when you go over one layer and it doesn't look quite professional.

Another project was the window for their shop in Timisoara. Same style, same references, different attitude. For the window I used washable markers and paint markers. Again, if you want to fill in the shapes, then I recommend special window colors, that are used in modern stained glasses.

Thanks to Ina, Waldi, Flavius & Alex for the photos.


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