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Well, well , well... look who's back. I miss having to write every day. I miss drawing for the fun of it, but I guess that's how it goes sometimes. I'm going to fill you in with briefly with what I'm doing now: I began courses at the faculty, my last year of MA and implicitly, my last year of school time, I'm working on 7 fashion projects and my MA degree diploma, so that means another collection will be coming next year in the summer, I'm keeping up with my handmade work, I'm trying to define a certain style I want to maintain as my definitive one and at last I found the time to update my deviantart gallery and with it, edited my Carnivale Collection photos (you can find them on my Facebook account too).
So that's that, here are some features I received lately: the first one is from Ina Todoran on her blog Lifestyle Blog. It brightened up my day and I thank her so much for considering me and for the kind words (click here to read the full article, click on the photo to enlarge).

This next feature is a Thumblr post by Lifestyle is a kind of art with my sketch for Florence.

And this last one, came a while back from Smek and Neks' graffiti models collection, and they really owe it to themselves, because these guys right here are responsible for that lovely colourful graffiti in the background.

So that you very much for all of this, it is a true honour.

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