interview for radio timisoara

A while back I was asked to give an interview for a show about art and fashion from a local radio, Radio Timisoara. It was a fun experience, I always wanted to be on the radio. I was so nervous, like always I said a lot of stupid things but I want to thank Carla for being patient with me and for making me feel so comfortable. So for those who can't really understand Romanian, I talked on and on about my first steps into the art world, a bit about my BA collection but mostly about my handmade creatures, and where they came from, what are they made of, what inspires me and what my plans are for the future. But even if you don't understand, listen closely at 1:34 and you can hear how my name (and nickname) is pronounced, I know a lot of people don't know how to say it right, so there you have it.


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