I made these three corsets as part of my Papercut project and I kind of wanted to take it to the next level and challenge the creative process a bit more. Being a school project, we were asked to make some kind of mannequins for an exhibition and we had to make them more "artistic-looking". So I thought I could make them like the corset from the Papercut Collection, only this time from cardboard. And I wanted them to still be wearable, but it was a bit tricky because I had to incorporate the head as well. In the end they came out looking a bit more fetish, sanatorium, mummy like which was kind of inevitable. The process of putting them on, having them over the head, closed in very tight, felt like I was caged, strapped, it almost corrects you into a straight position... it's really dubious. Well, no more talk, here are the pictures, I hope you like them.

Photographer: Ina Muntean
Model & mua: me
Design and clothing: me

You can see pictures from the exhibition HERE.


  1. Absolut superbe!

    Am inteles ca nu sunt confortabil de purtat, but purta oricand unul dintre corsete!!!!

  2. Mersi mersi!
    Nu cred ca ai putea sa le porti, adica, nu te poti misca aproape deloc in ele. Si sunt si un pic claustrofobe din cauza ca sunt si peste cap :P

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