my little working space

Most of the times I don't really enjoy talking about myself just because I think that what I do says enough. But a couple of weeks ago, I was featured on Breslog with an article about my petit atelier so I had to let everyone in my tiny space. In the end I received wonderful feedback and I was really grateful for that. So this is where I work everyday, my ever-growing artistic corner. I hope to make it bigger one day, more spacious, more organic, more organised and more colourful.

And here's the Breslog article, if you want to find out more details about me, my work and my working space. I'd love to know what you think about it


  1. So much color and light around:X Love it!:D It is so you:*

  2. Aww... multumeeesc!
    Eu vreau si mai multa lumina, si mai mult spatiu, sper ca intr-o zi o sa le am.

    Te super pup,
    glad you like. :)

  3. Iuuui ce frumos!
    Cat de organizat ii tot! <3

  4. Colours are my drugs :D

    Mersi Andreea! Organizarea e mica mea obsesie :D

  5. nu am gasit linkul spre breslog:( iti admir mult creatiile si as fi vrut sa te intreb ce ata folosesti pentru brodat/cusut fetru. multumesc si succes!

  6. iti admir f. mult creatiile si coltul tau de joaca :) e vrea sa te intreb ce ata folosesti pentru brodat/ cusut fetru . multumesc.p.s eu fac primii pasi in aceasta lume si caut putina indrumare. multumesc.

  7. Mersi mult!

    Link-ul e sub ultima poza, e catre articolul de pe Breslog.

    Folosesc ata normala, ata pentru goblen si cateodata ceva ata mai groasa din matase cred. Adunate de peste tot in timp. :)


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