the teacher and the student

 I don't usually draw my different-kind of portraits digitally but when I do... they turn out so cute. I had so much fun drawing all the bricks, the characters in the back, the butterfly and the caterpillar (shoutout if you spotted them). I made this one for an old client and when she commissioned this new portrait I realised that I had made another digital portrait for her in the past, back when I had just started drawing on my tablet, one that I completely forgot about. Until today. 'Cause I'm postin' it. Even though it's an oldie... It's still a goldie. Actually, now that I think about it, I made the same painting in both traditional and digital versions. And I know I say this a lot, but it's great to see both versions side-by-side. 

First things first, the teacher's portrait:

And the student's portrait:

The traditional-painted version

And the digitally-drawn version:

... Which we've turned into a sticker design:



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