carol neipa - beer label graphics

 Here's one more label to add to the Carol Beer collection. I have to say, it's so great for me (and maybe for you too) to see how the graphics for these guys grew, from the very first label we created together to the very latest. To go from drawing them by hand to scanning and digitising to mixing traditional and digital, to drawing them completely digital in the end was such a long and fulfilling process. For these types of designs, where they go into print onto various products, it got so much easier to just draw everything digitally, but I have to say, I haven't given up my freehand style in illustration, whether it's digital or not, and I don't think I will ever want to. I just think it's a personal style and oh boy, doesn't every illustrator hope they get to have one to set them apart from everyone else? I'm rambling. 

Today's graphics are for Carol Brewery, we've collaborated in the past and they've asked me to once more create a label illustration for them and their new fruity Neipa Beer. We used the same type of character that I designed for them previously and just set him in a scene with some beers and a bunch of flavourful fruits, simple as that. It had to be fruity and colourful... and I think we delivered.

You can find the WIP videos on my Instagram page and soon on TikTok.

I've also updated the Carol Beer project on Behance. Be sure to check that out and give it a thumbs up while you're there.



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