28 April 2016

x marks the spot

I've been working on a project for a new series of events happening in my hometown. I've put my creative print on their logos and sticker designs and these illustrations below mark the result of my first ideas. 

The event series is called ecstatic and it basicly revolves around music (and art, hence my part in all this), and it truly lives up to its name. We've based the concept around the X (phoneticly spelled "ecs") and I've played a bit with that shape using geometry and creatures.

And I was super glad I finally put my tablet to good use and played a bit with digital drawing and colouring. I'm quite new to this, but ecstatic (*wink*) to learn new techniques.

20 April 2016

arz - civilian female costume

As I've said in a previous post I really wish I could design more these ARZ civilian costumes, but the time was limited and we had to proceed with colouring one for the final look. I've had a similiar project last summer, which I hope I can talk about more in a future post (or several), where I sketched around one hundread designs revolved around a single concept and I was amazed of just how many ideas you can still get after that amount of work. 

Arz - civilian female costume - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

But getting back to this illustration, I've had free-hand on the colour palette, so I wanted something quite different from the typical science-fiction designs of the future. Usually we see neutral tones or dark shades of colour in the futuristic wear, but I wanted a departure from that concept, so I've added a bit more colour. Also played with some irridescent fabrics and a mix of textures, from smooth, textured leather-like pants to hard, metal accessories.

Find out more about this project and how you can contribute to it HERE

17 April 2016

the rainbow planet

I said this week will be all about logos and in the last minute, I'm keeping my promise. It's been hectic in my tiny workplace lately so I'm trying to keep up with everything. Today's illustration was commissioned by a good friend of mine and fellow artist, she wanted something fun and colourful as her logo for her handmade products. Mainly revolved around rainbows, I thought I would paint her surrounded by colour. She named it her "rainbow planet" I I think it fits just right.

The rainbow girl - custom logo illustration - watercolour on paper | 21x14,8 cm

  • theme: rainbows, signature
  • colour: rainbow 

13 April 2016

around the world

This week is all about some lovely ladies and some lovely logos. Sometimes my little creatures are more than just cute gifts to give to your friends, sometimes they represent a person's entire persona. This lady has a personal blog about her experiences and moments and she talks about them so nicely. 

The girl with the cosy world custom logo illustration - watercolour on paper | 16x12 cm

She approached me to create a cute banner for her blog that would represent her and her writing, after seeing the logo I had previously made for Larisa's blog. She also wanted the world incorporated into the picture and she came up with this cool idea to make it as a print on an armchair. Hence the them, I also gave her an awesome carpet to go with the ensemble.

  • theme: earth, armchair, laptop, books, traditional Romanian blouse
  • colour: blue, orange, various

11 April 2016

arz - civilian costume sketches

I've finally got to a point in the ARZ project where I can truly say I'm on familiar territory, in women's wear that is. I've been excited since we've started developing costume concepts to design some every-day wear for the futuristic woman, and kind of set the tone of what the world would look like in that time. 

I wanted to play with edgy shapes and silhouettes and also some advanced tech materials and apparently I have a very symmetrical view of this future. And it's funny because looking back on my school-years, I've played with asymmetry a lot in my fashion concepts.

I've already coloured one, can you guess which one?
Find out more about this project and how you can contribute to it HERE.

07 April 2016

the 80's family

This illustration is truly a memory captured in time and it goes all the way back to the 80's. Now in our country, that period was defined by Communism, a well-established working-class and distinctive fashion. And it's all there, from the car, to the clothes and the people's looks, and even their ages. I love ho the kids' faces turned out in this portrait, they just make me want to laugh with them.

 The 80's family - watercolour on paper | 42x29,7 cm

  • theme: car, lab coat, overall, paintbrushes, dogs, the eighties
  • colour: various

04 April 2016

arz - ice world costume

Here's another design for the ice cold worlds of the Arz universe. This costume is a bit more "every day wear" rather than a full-on armour.

Arz - ice world costume design - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

When we talked about concepts we developed them around the wintery, tundra-like environments, with bulky costumes. So I envisioned fur, leather-like fabrics, but also intelligent futuristic materials that reacts to the human body's needs for this harsh conditions and of course, a lot of layering. I drew my inspiration from the Eskimos cultures and people living in the arctic regions on our planet and so I thought that future humans colonising ice worlds would have their costumes would blend and also be drawn from that environment. Then again, since we are talking about a distant future, those populations would also have access to technology and therefore have hi-tech fabrics and gadgets embedded in their costumes.

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