arz - ice world costume

Here's another design for the ice cold worlds of the Arz universe. This costume is a bit more "every day wear" rather than a full-on armour.

Arz - ice world costume design - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

When we talked about concepts we developed them around the wintery, tundra-like environments, with bulky costumes. So I envisioned fur, leather-like fabrics, but also intelligent futuristic materials that reacts to the human body's needs for this harsh conditions and of course, a lot of layering. I drew my inspiration from the Eskimos cultures and people living in the arctic regions on our planet and so I thought that future humans colonising ice worlds would have their costumes would blend and also be drawn from that environment. Then again, since we are talking about a distant future, those populations would also have access to technology and therefore have hi-tech fabrics and gadgets embedded in their costumes.


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