around the world - character design

This week is all about some lovely ladies and some lovely logos. Sometimes my little creatures are more than just cute gifts to give to your friends, sometimes they represent a person's entire persona. This lady has a personal blog about her experiences and moments and she talks about them so nicely. 

The girl with the cosy world custom logo illustration - watercolour on paper | 16x12 cm

She approached me to create a cute banner for her blog that would represent her and her writing, after seeing the logo I had previously made for Larisa's blog. She also wanted the world incorporated into the picture and she came up with this cool idea to make it as a print on an armchair. Hence the them, I also gave her an awesome carpet to go with the ensemble.

  • theme: earth, armchair, laptop, books, traditional Romanian blouse
  • colour: blue, orange, various


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