25 July 2016

geometric dragonfly

I've captioned my tattoo projects and collaborations in the past with this line: "when awesome people come together, awesome things happen" and I'd like to stick with it. From the people who come to me with their ideas, to how I manage to transform that into visual illustrations and finally to the talented man who puts them under the skin.

Geometric dragonfly - tattoo design - watercolour on paper | 12x16 cm

Today I've made a geometric watercolour dragonfly design with two colour versions, I don't really know which one got chosen to be tattooed but I now it was done. So I can't wait to see the pictures and I'll promise to share them as soon as possible.

  • theme: dragonfly, abstract, colour splashes
  • colour: yellow, blue, purple tones

24 July 2016

the wedding love

I've started this project for my friends, the Creatures with features one, as a fun and quite unique way to gift them on their special days, and so today I went back to my roots, so to speak. A good friend of mine has a wedding coming up and she wanted something it to be less traditional and a lot more fun, so she asked me if I could help her with the wedding invitations design. she wanted something to portray them both on that special day.

The wedding love - custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 29,7x 21 cm

  • theme: wedding decor, flowers, heart, bow tie
  • colour: white, black, blue, various accents

21 July 2016

ivy leaves sticker designs

It's my second time collaborating with Undertheivy creatively and just like last time, I've made some designs for their stickers that they'll be handing out at their events this summer. So if you're in Timisoara this time of year and want a night-dip in the pool alongside some good tunes, you should definitely check it out, and maybe go home with some goodies for your laptop.

This concept for this season's artwork revolved around the same cute ivy leaf characters, playing around in the elements: like water, air, earth and we replaced the fire one with space and stars. Also made some cute characters that reflect the pool party, music, night-time and fun characteristics of the events.

Ivy leaves - sticker designs - marker on paper/ digital colouring in Ai | 21x14,8 cm (paper size)

18 July 2016

the cute couple

It's always fun when I get challenged with my work, even better when I challenge myself, but that's a story for another time. Usually watercolours and wood as a support, don't really do well together, but with enough patience and a good, solid colour base, things start happening. Today I've done all that for another piece to add to my Creatures with Features project, celebrating love all around and also adding a cute little dog into the mix.

A cute couple - custom painting - watercolour on wood plate | ~30x20 cm

  • theme: couple, dog, superman, boos, crafting, tech gadgets
  • colour: various

15 July 2016

space stickers - 13th edition

Seems that in this case the 13th is a lucky number, it marks the the 13th edition of stickers and another year to add to my collaboration with Uman Shop, than you guys for making me a part of your family. The end of this season also coincides with the end of the astronomy-themed stickers, but who knows, I love space so much that I just might make it my thing.

The martian & The EVA of mankind- marker on paper | 21x14,8 cm

Only two designs left from this series, be sure to grab them while they're still on this planet, you still have a few days left for this GIVEAWAY, and I truly hope to see you again in the fall with some awesome new designs.

Thank you NASA & ESA  for the amazing background pictures! You're my favourite.

09 July 2016

the travellers

Another week ending what better way to end it with than with a colourful custom illustration. This time portraying a family that loves the outdoors and travelling around the world so I tried my best to incorporate all those elements into one special memory.

The travellers - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

  • theme: family, various landmarks from around the world
  • colour: green, pink, blue, white

07 July 2016

game girls - dota2

This wonderful project has come to a close and the final character from the series is the Juggernaut from Dota2. While researching, I found out that he has many "skins" but I chose this one in particular because of its mask, I thought it would go well with my female vision of this entire concept.

The Game Girls project - dota2 - pencil drawing / watercolour on paper | 42x29,7 cm

I went with a more orange-red-burgundy pallet for this illustration, I wanted to have that combination of mysticism, sexuality and lust kind of look but fierce at the same time.

And here's the process of painting it unfolded:

05 July 2016

geometric owl custom tee

I love it when art transforms from sketches to clothes and paper to walls just like my starry-eyed owl, that went from an illustration to a customisation. The process was similar, since I hand-painted the t-shirt and I always feel I'm copying myself when doing so, but it's great to see results.  

Geometric starry-eyed owl - custom hand-painted t-shirt - textile markers & paint on cotton tee | men's size M

01 July 2016

the hikers

It's been a while since I've posted something in the Creatures with Features section, even though they've been piling up. But the theme of this one fits just right, lie a cold breeze in this furnace of a week. So I'll take you on a journey through the mountains with lots of colour and happiness.

The hikers - watercolour on paper | 21x29,7 cm

  • theme:  mountains, hiking, bike, backpack
  • colour: various

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