space sticker designs - 13th edition

Seems that in this case the 13th is a lucky number, it marks the the 13th edition of stickers and another year to add to my collaboration with Uman Shop, than you guys for making me a part of your family. The end of this season also coincides with the end of the astronomy-themed stickers, but who knows, I love space so much that I just might make it my thing.

The martian & The EVA of mankind- marker on paper | 21x14,8 cm

Only two designs left from this series, be sure to grab them while they're still on this planet, you still have a few days left for this GIVEAWAY, and I truly hope to see you again in the fall with some awesome new designs.

illustrated by me / coloured & edited by Ștefan Lucuț 

Thank you NASA & ESA  for the amazing background pictures! You're my favourite.


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