heritage of timisoara / elisabetin - the szekely house

And yes, the second illustration from the Heritage of Timișoara project ‒ Elisabetin edition, is finally here. In case you missed the first one and its story, I'll link it here for you.

When I saw this house on the HoT tour, I knew I had to illustrate it. It fitted like a glove with my pattern of the "odd one out", like the Gothic House or the Kohn House. You can easily miss it when you pass by it, I know I did, and if you didn't know about its history, it probably wouldn't strike any particular interest. But this house was actually the humble home of one of Timișoara's greatest and most well-known architects, Laszlo Szekely. He designed some of the most iconic buildings from the beginning of the century. And it was so surprising to see, that his house/ atelier, was so small and simple.

The Laszlo Szekely House / print art
— watercolour & pencil on paper —

Therefore in the illustration, I wanted to make it grander and showcase its owner's talent. So I took elements from some of the buildings he designed and overlapped them onto this house's facade, like an homage to all the great work this man has made. Oh, and did you know, that inside the courtyard, on a wall, you can see some of the molds he used for the bas-reliefs on the Hitel Bank Building? I thought that was a cool easter-egg.


If you wish to see all the buildings I illustrated along the way, and their historical details, you can check out the HoT team's research on their page. And you can also send digital postcards with each and everyone, from their website to all your friends and loved ones. 

Can't wait for this year's edition. It's gonna be awesome. And I got my hands on the one building I craved for from the start of this project. I'll tease th works on my Instagram stories, so be sure to keep an eye on there. Until then...

Greetings from Timișoara!



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