heritage of timisoara / fabric - the kohn house

The second house (see the first one) I chose to illustrate for the Heritage of Timisoara project, was the Kohn House located right in the centre of one of the most (if not the most) busiest tram stations in Timișoara. I always admire and stare at it when I go into the city. It's quite outstanding, and not for the fact that it is in a poor condition and almost all of its plaster has fallen down or because the businesses from downstairs kind of ruined the facade, but because of it's architecture. Almost all of the buildings in the Fabric district are from the baroque period, but this one is from the thirties, with a quite interesting modern, cubist style (which I remember, was my favourite era in the art history classes).

Casa Kohn - Heritage of Timișoara | watercolour on paper / 35x50 cm

And that is the exact reason I chose to draw it. It is an outcast, it's miss placed. So I wanted to portray that in my reinterpretation. I took the structure, kept all its details, beauties and flaws, and placed it in an unnatural environment, the wild nature. Also contrasting it's earthy tones with the vibrant greens and a dark, dark background.


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