wicked barrel vs bereta - beer label

Photo by Kiril Zmurciuk

Happy New Year everyone! May your 2018 be colourful and creative!

I thought I'd start the year with some new artwork... just kidding, it's just unposted 2017 stuff, so last year. I know I always complain that I'm way behind with my posting, but you have to understand that sometimes I cannot post as soon as an artwork is done, or while I'm working on it, because sometimes the products I work on, have to hit the market first. But anyways, today's project was the label illustration for yet another Bereta beer, this time, in collaboration with the guys over at Wicked Barrel. And it seemed like the perfect project to start off with, since the beer was just given the title as the Best Romanian Craft Beer of 2017. Congrats you guys, you've earned it!

Black Pot - beer label / marker & pen on paper

illustration by Dushky
coluring and design by Sorin Bechira


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