the cats

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I wasn't always a pet person. Even though I loved pets, I didn't have the chance to have one, my parents wouldn't let me. I had fish at some point, but, you know, they don't really come to snuggle you at night in bed. But a year ago, my boyfriend came home one day with a tiny kitten and my life as a pet mom began. Forcefully. And oh boy, it's been a struggle. I thought cats were supposed to be all cute and cuddly, but not this one. He bites the living hell out of your toes. He's just turned one, and he toned down the craziness a bit, but still, he has his own tough personality. I think I'm just going to accept him for who he is and let him do his own thing. I'll be there for the rare, cute moments he has sometimes. So today, I'd thought I'd share some portraits I've painted with some cat-loving people, who, hopefully, have much much more fun easy-going pets than I do.

The Cat Lovers / custom portrait
—watercolour on paper —


The Hexagonal Sunflower Field / custom portrait
—watercolour on paper —



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