ma ghindesc la tine - print graphics

Mă ghindesc la tine / print illustration
— pen, watercolour on paper & Ai vector —

One of the best things about the art world is when artists support one another, creating communities and creating together, sharing their skills to make even more unique pieces. Today's post is about such a collaboration, with one of my favourite artisans, Abru. He reached out to me to help him with a bit of a makeover for his brand. He makes all kinds of awesome creations, but for now, I helped him with his "Mă ghindesc la tine" project, which revolves around nature-inspired jewellery and accessories, focusing mainly on acorns. We re-designed the logo, created print designs and some sticker designs. He wanted to have that hand-drawn and watercolour-texture feel to the designs and also have them mixed with a little bit of digital work here and there, and I'm personally all up for that. 

Mă ghindesc la tine / print illustration
— pen on paper & Ai vector & colouring —

And in a similar concept, some sticker designs:

These down here are just some little leaf designs Abru wanted for creating various promotional prints or for website elements, but I really love the way they turned out. So simple, yet very effective.



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