jordan squadz - print design

I feel like for every social media platform I have I'm like a totally different person. Like the Instagram-me is up-to-date with everything, not everyday active but still on top of its game. The Blog-me is always late with posts, super overwhelmed; the Facebook-me is just copying whatever the others do and the Behance-me is just trying to keep up with everyone, all the while being super selective. Just some fun facts about how my mind works. And now that that awkward moment has passed, let's move on, shall we?

A new design for Squadz is on today's order of business. And it's one of my favourites as well. Probably because I've worked on it the most. I'm really bad at portraits, which is hilarious because I have a whole section dedicated to them on my blog, but those are my cartoon portraits. Semi-realistic ones are too much for me. And that's why this design was hard to do. We pulled it off guys, but you don't want to see my first sketches. I laughed out loud for days.

Squadz Jordan • print design
—Autodesk Sketchbook & Ai vector —



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