mother earth - tattoo illustration

I could have made this post on Earth Day, but I missed the mark. Again.

You probably hear this everywhere, that a good tattoo (or just any tattoo) has to have a story behind it. I don't always agree because nowadays tattoo artists are so diverse and they're such talented not just tattoo artists, but artists in general, that it's an honour just to have an artwork by that person under your skin, no matter the design. But today's post is not quite so. The story behind this design is very deep and so personal, it moved me to my core when I got commissioned to do it. Being this personal, it is not my story to share, but I can share with you the artwork that came out of it, one that I am so proud of. 

Mother Earthtattoo design
—watercolour & pen on paper —

And in the long-ass time, it took me to post this, the tattoo actually got made, so here it is, under the skin.



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