the birthdays at home

Since we're still home and still on this topic (check the previous post), a year in, it's safe to say that we all celebrated at least one birthday at home with just the family or a couple of friends. But these birthdays remind me of the nineties, where all birthdays were at home, albeit with a few more extra friends, but no clubs, no super special outfits, no fuss, just sandwiches, music, stupid games, balloons and mom's handmade cake, usually a lot of butter, a lot of cream and a lot of sugar. Am I right? Who's with me? I'm writing this while I'm listening to my nostalgic nineties playlist... and thinking about how much work I have to do... and so little time... Ok, I'm going,  I'm going.

Here's another couple of portraits that mark birthdays at home.

The Sixties/ custom portrait 
— watercolour on paper —


The Roaring Twentiescustom portrait 
— watercolour on paper —



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