life for robert - web graphics

I've made these illustrations way back last year, and like with everything else, they got lost in my folders. But they're too dear to my heart not to share. I've made these for a campaign for a cute baby boy who was born with a very rare genetic disease. I knew the parents, they are friends of friends, such nice and warm people, and it just broke my heart to see them go through this. They've asked me to help them with the fundraiser for the baby's treatment (which was really, I mean reaaally expensive) so we've created a series of illustrations showing a baby's journey, his first steps in life. I can't take credit for the concept or any of the success of the campaign, there were a lot of great people involved, driven minds who helped put all this together, I'm just glad I could help in the creative department. The story has a happy ending too, the baby, Robert, got his treatment and is now on a long journey of recovery. I watch his steps every day on insta and I tear up every time for how great he's doing. He's a little fighter.



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