my rainbow planet - logo graphics

I know it, you know it, or maybe you don't, but everyone who asks me knows it, I don't do logos. 
But guess what I'm doing all the time lately? Guess!

Well, not really. I can do graphics for logos, I'll give myself that. So kind of those logos that look very hand-drawn, you know? Yeah, that's my look. Mainly because I can't really think minimal like that. I'm all about the details. I think I posted something somewhere about this before, but I couldn't seem to find it here on the blog, so here we are... again. This logo was made with love, for a dear friend, she wanted something super colourful for her small hand-made business. And it really helped that she completely trusted me with this. I hope she doesn't regret it. She creates these amazing, colourful pieces of jewellery, you should really check her stuff out on her page My Rainbow Planet

Here's the very nice presentation I made for this logo, using awesome mock-ups made by some very talented people on the internet.



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