smartpol characters - app graphics

Before I even got used to drawing digitally, I was trying to make my designs fit for the worldwide web. And since I did only traditional work, getting my sketch to a vector form was a handful. Lots of hours involved. It took me double the amount of time I told my clients it would take, just because I knew I really wasn't qualified enough to make it in time. But I wanted to learn. I had great friends who helped me out. And Youtube tutorials. They're great. 

Sooo... anyway... that was a neat story! 

Here's a couple of designs I made for an app, for the police (I know!), they're kind of like the mascots for the platform. These are the ones that went from hand-drawn sketches to fully functional vectors. I'm proud of myself. Also glad about what we managed to do, character design-wise. I think I can go into icon design now. No, don't say I said that (ok, fine, I'll do it). Now we are working on some new designs, this time for t-shirts and I have to say they're ever so funny. So stay tuned for updates on that.



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