arz - female armour concept

I'm so happy I finally got back to my fashion projects. This summer was a very fashion-filled one and hopefully I can share all that work soon. Besides my ARZ project collaboration, I got to work on another cool project designing costumes and creating characters. But for now, let's get back to the future and the new challenge that awaits. This time I had to design a few armour concepts, for both women and men. 

The ideas were too many for the short amount of time given, so we had the hard task of choosing only a few pieces. This particular one I'm glad was chosen to be put in colour because it was a bit different than your typical futuristic armour. I imagined this suit for someone who would be trained in a hand-to-hand combat, sort of like a cat-woman ninja. So I pictured an elastic-fibered bodysuit covered from head to toe in pieces of metal, that resemble some sort of bondage armour. It would all be smart fabrics with built-in technology. 

Arz armour concept - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

And because black was the obvious choice for a ninja, I bent the rules and chose Prussian and indigo blue. The more I look at the costume the more it reminds me of some old tech and science magazines my dad used to have, and their covers were always pictures of illustrated sexy robots. I made drawings inspired from those magazines a lot when I was little, looking back, I guess it was kind of a starter point.

Find out more about ARZ here and see how you can support this project here.


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