the girl with stars in her hair

I finally finished my second piece from my latest personal illustration series and I've finally found a name for this project, I'm calling it The Cosmic Girls project. It reminds me of Jamiroquai's song, Cosmic girl, which I've always joked was about me actually. I've been posting WIP photos and videos on my Instagram and my Facebook Page, so if you want to see the entire creative process you should check those out. I'm hoping to get a time-lapse video done shortly.

The Girl with stars in her hair - watercolour & B-B6 pencil on paper | 42x29,7 cm

I wanted to try something different rather than a nebula print on a piece of clothing, like I did with the Nebula Sweater Girl, so I experimented with her hair, and that 2D-3D effect and the mix of mediums. I like how the few strands of hair on her face look flat in comparison to her portrait but then again, what happens in her hair is quite three-dimensional. I'm still working on the watercolour gas and stars technique, but the awesome part of exercising, is that I get to make many more of these pieces.


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