alexa - t-shirt print design

 Did you #MeetAlexa? I designed her for the Tombabes, starting, what we hope to be, a fruitful collab. I've always wanted to put my designs to the test, get them out there on their own, see if they make it. Well, we did just that. We've put Alexa on a t-shirt and released her into the world. And I think this first experiment was a success. So much so, that we're thinking of doing it again. 
But you didn't hear that from me.

Alexa / t-shirt design
— pen & watercolour on paper / Ph editing —

Did I mention how lucky I feel to have such creative people around me? Not only we get to do cool things, but this time, they also gave me this awesome photoshoot of the tee.

tomBabe Dushky

tomBabe Ina

tomBabe Laura



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