fashion evolution - first act

Continuing with my story, I would have to say that my fashion obsession started somewhere in the 5th grade when I got into the Fine Arts School. I was amazed by the fashion sketches of the high school students and I said to myself that this is what I want to do. With this came my first fashion sketch that I drew in 1999, if I remember well. I was inspired a lot by what I've seen in my school's walls.

In 2000, I started drawing them very alien-like, with big black eyes and I remember I was really afraid of coloring them. I always thought I would ruin everything. But after a while I started using colored crayons, and as I was getting better at it, I colored all my sketches from the past.

In 2001 I was developing a small obsession for the trapeze pants and those pointy shoes. It was the fashion of the times I guess. I set all sorts of themes for myself, in the clothing lines, like the elements, or the seasons, nature, science etc.

In 2002 I was already in the 8th grade, one of my class mates took my sketches and showed them to a high school girl from who was already studying fashion. She told him I had great potential and I should continue studying arts but especially fashion. Until then I always thought I would choose to study painting. But he and a good friend of mine convinced me to go with fashion. And I did.

So, in 2003 I was in high school. And the sketches above were the first fashion sketches I drew in my fashion design class. I remember the first things my teachers taught me where:
  • draw the figure on the whole page, don't leave too much blank space;
  • have courage, exaggerate, you are the creator, you have to create;
  • play with the shapes, it's OK if they don't really exist in reality;
  • change the color of her hair, or her jeans, don't be afraid to put colors.
And she was right, I didn't have to think that the clothes were going to actually be made, I was still in the creative process, I had to learn what that was before I could understand what patterns, cuts, sewing, prints and templates were. Therefore, 2003 was an experimental year. My style was changing from month to month.

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