fashion evolution - first act

Continuing with my story, I would have to say that my fashion obsession started somewhere in the 5th grade when I got into the Fine Arts School. I was amazed by the fashion sketches of the high school students and I said to myself that this is what I want to do. With this came my first fashion sketch that I drew in 1999, if I remember well. I was inspired a lot by what I've seen in my school's walls.

In 2000, I started drawing them very alien-like, with big black eyes and I remember I was really afraid of coloring them. I always thought I would ruin everything. But after a while I started using colored crayons, and as I was getting better at it, I colored all my sketches from the past.

In 2001 I was developing a small obsession for the trapeze pants and those pointy shoes. It was the fashion of the times I guess. I set all sorts of themes for myself, in the clothing lines, like the elements, or the seasons, nature, science etc.

In 2002 I was already in the 8th grade, one of my class mates took my sketches and showed them to a high school girl from who was already studying fashion. She told him I had great potential and I should continue studying arts but especially fashion. Until then I always thought I would choose to study painting. But he and a good friend of mine convinced me to go with fashion. And I did.

So, in 2003 I was in high school. And the sketches above were the first fashion sketches I drew in my fashion design class. I remember the first things my teachers taught me where:
  • draw the figure on the whole page, don't leave too much blank space;
  • have courage, exaggerate, you are the creator, you have to create;
  • play with the shapes, it's OK if they don't really exist in reality;
  • change the color of her hair, or her jeans, don't be afraid to put colors.
And she was right, I didn't have to think that the clothes were going to actually be made, I was still in the creative process, I had to learn what that was before I could understand what patterns, cuts, sewing, prints and templates were. Therefore, 2003 was an experimental year. My style was changing from month to month.

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  1. Astept cu nerabdare continuarea!:)

  2. ;)) Vine, vine, si o sa incep si eu in sfarsit sa zic ca imi plac desenele, ca pana acuma tot spun "nu-mi vine sa cred ca desenam asa" :))

  3. AH the high school lessons.. LOL>. i remember them three as well.. specially the 'fill the whole page bit' i used to draw tiny back then.. and well once in a while still now.. :P

    its good that u got ur direction since u were young.. No wonder ur work is brilliant.. :) i wasted a crap load of my time doing all sorts of stuff in mylife.. went a full circle before i revert back to my old favourite subject.. :)

  4. Well, I find no problem in doing a lot of things, I wished I learned how to streetdance or how to play the guitar. But I guess some things are just not ment to be known by everyone :P
    As for this form of art, I still like to explore parts of it, like right now, I'm learning the graffiti style :D

  5. oh yeah.. some ur naturally good at, some u have to try hard to master, and some no matter how much u try, u just cannot do it.. :P

    and I too, often wish that i learned to play the guitar.. guess i'm just too lazy.. :D

  6. Beautiful Illustrations!! If there are other aspiring fashion designers out there who want to practice drawing fashion illustrations, this site has tons of free fashion croqui (figure) templates that you can print and trace over to get the hang of the correct proportions etc.

  7. Ce frumos este sa poti vedea cum ai progresat si pe ce drumuri ai trecut sa ajungi intr'un anumit punct.

    Sper ca te bucuri de chestia asta. Eu sincer n'am avut niciodata o pasiune. M'am lasat de toate, dansuri, balet, lectiile de pian, mai nou, orele de italiana. Numa' de fotografie vad ca ma tin.

  8. Daaa... eu ma ingrozesc cand vad cu "chestii" faceam cand eram mai mica, dar asta e, toti incepem undeva.

    Nu inteleg cum poti spune ca nu ai nici o pasiune daca ai incercat atat de multe lucruri? Niciodata nu e rau sa spui ca stii un pic din toate, sau aproape toate. Eu cred ca daca ai o inclinatie spre ceva anume, o vei descoperi mai devreme sau mai tarziu.


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