the story behind the paper

It all starts with that white rectangle I just love filling in with colour.

Now, I was thinking of posting one of my first fashion sketches ever, but then again, I really don't like my old drawings. But I kept most of them, looking back now they seem so different from year to year. Maybe in another post if I find that drawing.

Until then, I thought of telling the story of how I got my hands to draw.

I still remember the day. It was in preschool, I was like 4 or 5 years old, and every time we had art class I realised I can only draw that stupid house with trees and people made of sticks around it. Sometimes maybe a fence and a flower, depended on my mood. And there was this little girl, every kid liked her because she knew how to draw Ariel, the mermaid. I was so jealous. She had all the attention. My drawings were so silly compared to the mermaid. So... I went home, took my Disney comic books (thank you mom for buying them) and searched for the perfect character. And there she was... the sweet Cinderella. I remember that at the back of the book, there was this scene, where she was dressed in white and the prince was putting the wedding ring on her finger. It was perfect. And for months I copied that particular scene, but only Cinderella, smiling with her hand reaching out. First, I drew her with the paper on the book, copying the outlines, after that with the book near me for reference and for quite a while I knew how to draw it from my mind. I drew it so many times I knew every little dot and line. My little success! :D

The next day at 8 a.m., I was back in my classroom. I couldn't wait for the art classes to begin. As soon as they did, all the kids were around the "mermaid girl" to get a drawing, and I went there so proud of myself and asked her: "Sooo... what did you say you can draw?" ...she said: "Ariel, the mermaid". I smiled and replied: "Oh... well... I know how to draw Cinderella!!"

After that I was a "little star". But I learned to draw other characters so "my fans" won't get bored.
It still makes me laugh, thinking that I was that young and that determined.
But I haven't put down the pencils and brushes ever since, so I guess it was in me already, just waiting to come out.


  1. si eu imi aduc aminte... cand ti-am pus creioanele in mana si te bateam la cap: "deseneaza, deseneaza"...
    nu s-au schimbat multe de atunci... in afar de evolutia talentului tau :X

  2. Awwwww.. lovely... Competition, if handled properly is the best tool to excel urself... and its good that u were positively motivated by the talent of the other girl. :)

    The first day at school.. he he.. i too drew a brown square house with some stick figures, five pettle flowers, a butterfly, green triangular mountains and a smiling yellow sun with a blue sky on my first day of the school.. he he.. but unfortunately there was no talented guy who could draw a mermaid or something fancy... ;)

  3. Was the sun in the corner of the page??? :P

  4. ia sa vad ce zici..

  5. ;)) Sper ca ti-a placut :*:*:*


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