29 February 2016

it's a kind of magic

I'm very subjective when it comes to this illustration, just because the two characters are my friends and they're quite awesome, but I really love how their portrait turned out. I mean, it has cool outfits, a fox and a star-filled sky, what's not to love? 

The magic - custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

I've also made another illustration in the past for this lovely lady and her friend's blog, also played with some typography for their logo, and throughout the process and the years I've been following them I just couldn't help falling in love with their fairy, enchanting and magical styles.

  • theme: stars, moon, magic, dr. who, fox, bike 
  • colour: lavender, shades of blue, various

25 February 2016

the girl with the nebula sweater

I know I've been saying I would like to have more hours in a day just to do all the things I would like to do. Well, it turns out, that with a bit of organising and a schedule (and really sticking to it), you can actually do more. Therefore I've started using my weekends in a more creative and personal way. I've wanted to start drawing more fashion illustrations for years now and a couple of weeks ago, I actually did it. I've been hinting a little bit on my Facebook page and my Instagram, WIP pictures and videos on what I was doing, but the result is finally here. This will be the first of many, I actually started working on a new one this past weekend. Can't wait to share it with you.

My whole concept is revolving around two things that I love the most: spae and fashion illustration. So I thought I could mix them up in various forms. I've drawn inspiration from the Horsehead Nebula for this one, but I like creating my own spacedust, and stars, lots and lots of stars. And I kind of like how the space landscape fits right where her mouth would be.

The girl with the nebula sweater - watercolour & B-B6 pencil | 42x29,7 cm

22 February 2016

arz - quillian female costume

I've talked about this costume in the previous post with the birdmen sketches and also about how we developed the shape of the characters as well. Today I'll show you the finished, coloured illustration for the female costume. Now females, in this species, were described by the author as being more utilitarian, larger than the males and more heavy set. They are in charge of each household and of every day's activities and decisions. 

Arz - female Quillian costume design - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

Their fashion is generally like the Soviet Union's working class with the odd twist of colour. With this in mind, I imagined their outfits looking a bit post-apocalyptic with very dusty colours and a bit of a raggedy finish to the clothes themselves. This being an avian species of humanoids, I wanted to keep the feathers within the costumes and change the amount with the social status or function of each character. 

The Arz project has allowed me to challenge myself constantly, always developing new fashions and characters, I honestly would do this all the time. And I never thought it could, but the sci-fi genre really suits me in therms of designing. So show your support HERE and let's make this project fulfil itself into something awesome.

20 February 2016

minty families

Since it's the weekend I thought I'd write a post with a double side of minty fresh illustrations. Two different commissions but with many similarities, in fact, the more I look at them the more I find. two portraits for the Creatures with features project, that illustrate new, happy families. Both families come in three and both love green and the outdoors. And both illustrations have a cat and a dog in the picture. Can you find any more connections? 

The forest - custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

  • theme: family, forest, cat, bike, dog toy
  • colour: green, mint, teal

The house -custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 21x29,7 cm

  • theme: family, house, dog, cat
  • colour: green, mint, earth tones

18 February 2016

the carousel

Today's illustration is so much more than a simple portrait, I think the background says it all. I liked the carousel idea so I gave it more of my time, to put in all the details and make it somewhat story-book like. I also had the chance to paint another traditional Romanian blouse, so I'll add that and this colourful illustration to the Creatures with Features collection, one for the books.

The carousel - custom illustration - watercolour on paper | 42x29,7 cm

  • theme: carousel, ie, logo tee, family
  • colour: various

16 February 2016

space stickers - 12th edition

I've already told you in a previous post, that a new series of stickers Uman X Dushky is out, and I've shown you how they looked on paper. These are the final designs, in sticky form, ready to take you into outer-space. I hope you already got your pack, if you want, you can always send me pictures with the places or objects you've redesigned by sticker-bombing them, just post a photo on my Facebook page and secure your place in my collection.

Thank you NASA for the amazing background pictures! You're my favourite.

13 February 2016

the cast-aways

Weekends are always me-time but have recently become productive me-time, that means I'm still drawing and painting but for myself and my artistic soul. I'm trying to put my ideas into practise and work on my own projects for a change. If you'll check out my Facebook page, you'll see what I'm talking about. But that's talk for another time.

The cast-aways - custom portrait - watercolour & coloured pencils on paper | 32x24 cm

This is a very fun portrait I did over the holiday season (yes, I'm that far back with posting... again). This happened to a friend and it is a memory, I think, he'll hold on to, until his old days. And so he wanted me to help him capture it in water-(pun intended)-colour, just in case it fades away with time. And it was a great Christmas present, or so I've heard. 

  • theme: hydro-bike, island, swimming fins, hat overboard, human reactions to tricky situations
  • colour: various

I've also organised the labels on my blog, to make it easier and quicker for you and me to find what we want on this 7-year old blog (I'm shocked of how long it's been).

11 February 2016

the theatre

Most of the times my portraits are naive and kiddish, but sometimes I can mix in a bit of class. Like for this couple, who dresses a bit fancier and enjoys the theatre. It was a slight departure from the usual style but I've tried keeping it in the same manner. And so, I've discovered that there are few, if not any, limitations to where this project can go, and I'm glad to see what people will inspire me to do next.

The theatre - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

  • theme: formal wear, babybump, theatre
  • colour: various

09 February 2016


Once more, the ARZ challenged me to design some costumes for people out of this world. Remember when I drew some illustrations for a humanoid species called the Ashvrin (1, 2, 3)? Well, now I had to create and develop not just costumes, but the species itself, and I kind of like this concept and journey of designing from the core up. 

This time, the species of humanoids were an avian one, meaning they have bird-like features and they are called the Quillians. Just like some birds, males are more flamboyant and graceful, whereas females are more tough and practical. So quite the opposite, when it comes to shape, of what you would normally think about a man and a woman. Here, the males are high-class and have ruling positions in society, while females are the working-class and providers

Body-type wise, the quillians are somewhat medium height, with wide-hips, long arms and elongated necks. I wanted to emphasise that as much as I could, almost exaggerate it a bit and thought their face could be elongated as well, with the chin resembling a beak. We used some various types of birds in character development and also in the colour palette, with a multitude of colours for the males and neutral, dusty, earth tones for the females.

Can't wait to show you the coloured illustrations, can you guess with one of these sketches made the final cut? Meanwhile, you can check out my Instagram where I'll be posting more and more videos of drawing in action.

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